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Natasha Hawker on The Importance of HR & How To Increase Your Giving As Your Business Grows

Natasha Hawker on The Importance of HR & How To Increase Your Giving As Your Business Grows

Natasha Hawker is the Director and Owner of Employee Matters - a company that helps small to medium businesses with their HR requirements. She is a speaker and author and helps entrepreneurs, both nationally and internationally, get the best from their employees.

Natasha admits that she’s always felt drawn to helping others, from being the ‘agony aunt’ to her peers in school to tagging along with her mum while she volunteered for Meals on Wheels. Natasha remembers being particularly affected by the loneliness of some of the older people in her community and reflects on how she was able to make an impact simply by communicating with them.

In this episode, Natasha talks about her first foray into being a business for good through the Dress for Success initiative, which provides workplace attire and career support for disadvantaged women. Natasha also reveals her plans for getting more women in the boardroom and her desire to mentor more female entrepreneurs.

Natasha goes in-depth about the tools she uses to help entrepreneurs navigate the business environment, from employee skills training to practical legal advice. She expounds the importance of being transparent with your employees; communicating your goals, and developing a passionate team.

Natasha also discusses the idea that you can make an impact on your clients, employees and your cash flow while also giving back, and explains how you can step up your giving as the business grows. Enjoy!

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • How to step up your giving as your business grows.
  • The importance of integrating your giving into what you do.
  • Why your global impact goals need to be scary.
  • How investing in education is good business sense.
  • Why employees are your competitive edge.
  • Why you should create a highly engaged team.
  • The importance of having an internal communication strategy.
  • Why Human Resources is a critical business asset.


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