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David Dugan on How Personal Tragedy Inspired Him To Give Back & Create Change for Good

David Dugan on How Personal Tragedy Inspired Him To Give Back & Create Change for Good

David Dugan is a business coach and mentor for entrepreneurs. He develops relationships with small to medium business owners who are dedicated to creating financial and emotional growth, hosting events and workshops such as his ‘You Got This! Retreat’.

David began his career as a dentist, eventually joining the armed forces where he became a commander in the Navy. It was his experiences in the Navy, including a very personal tragedy, which further developed his sense of concern for others.

David’s travels during his Navy career took him to places that made him aware of his own privilege as an Australian, but what David also came to understand, was that in each culture, it was small businesses that were the backbone of the community. David realised that he could make a profound impact by helping entrepreneurs around the world.

In this episode, David talks about the bigger impact small businesses can have on the world and challenges our listeners to make more profit while discovering the capacity to give back. He delves into why it’s possible to make mistakes and still be successful and gives some great industry examples of hugely successful business ideas that are based on the simple principle of finding a want and filling that need for a decent price.

David goes in-depth on the importance of developing a relationship with numbers and dedicating time to implementing strategy and methodology to get results. This is an emotionally charged episode, with some wonderful insights about life and the power of entrepreneurship. Enjoy!

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • How to create intergenerational wealth through small businesses.
  • Why entrepreneurs, not politicians, will lead us to a better future.
  • David’s experience working alongside Richard Branson.
  • The importance of creative thinking and living with passion.
  • The law of reciprocity in business ownership.
  • Why boring is profitable and profitable is fun.
  • The importance of renewal time and looking after yourself first.
  • Why you should understand your strengths in business.
  • Why entrepreneurs need to aim for a purpose higher than profit.


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