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PJ Patterson on Leaving a Legacy & The Wealth Creation Asset Aussies Are Neglecting

PJ Patterson on Leaving a Legacy & The Wealth Creation Asset Aussies Are Neglecting

PJ Patterson is the CEO of Keystone Financial, a company whose underlying mission is to help Australian families become financially stable and financially indepedent. On today’s episode, PJ joins us to share his insights on finance, while talking about his journey of giving through business.


PJ used to adopt a sporadic, ad-hoc approach to donating and giving. Recently, he discovered B1G1, and was immediately blown away by the concept. He soon became a B1G1 giving partner and implemented a more structured, meaningful, and consistent way of giving through business. PJ continues to be an advocate for B1G1 and a great example of how businesses can do good no matter how big or small they are.


In today’s episode, PJ explains the driving factor behind his motivation for becoming a B1G1 partner. We also talk about how Australian families can become financially stable and independent. PJ reveals two of the four key assets every Australian should own if they want to create wealth. He also talks about the importance of cash flow, and the one asset that can create financial freedom that Australians neglect.


If you want to learn more about how being a business for good can impact your life, legacy, and your business, then you’ll love hearing PJ’s story. The financial advice he shares in this episode is gold, so check it out if you want to find out what assets you should be creating. Enjoy!


What you will discover in this episode:

  • PJ’s first memory of helping others at a retirement home.
  • How B1G1 helped PJ move from sporadic giving to meaningful, consistent giving.
  • The one thing Australians need to do more of if they want to achieve financial freedom.
  • Two of the four key assets that you need to have in place to achieve financial stability.
  • How Keystone Financial aligns with PJ's mission to give back.
  • Two standard procedures PJ followed to integrate giving into his business.




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