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Ronsley Vaz on Being Brave, Failing Forward, & The Importance of Honesty

Ronsley Vaz on Being Brave, Failing Forward, & The Importance of Honesty

Ronsley Vaz is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, marketer and founder of Amplify - Australia’s first audio marketing agency. Ronsley credits his business failures as the reason for his ultimate success.

Ronsley’s humility is obvious in his unwillingness to acknowledge the important role he plays as the Founder of a business for good. However, he does explain that because of his background he feels connected to many cultures and it is the dichotomy between cultures and countries that inspires him to continue making an impact.

In this episode, Ronsley takes an honest and pragmatic look at his foundations as an entrepreneur and takes us through the pain of walking away from a broken business. He talks in-depth about his passion for giving to A Voice for a Voice - an initiative that protects girls and women from the sex trafficking industry.

Ronsley explains why failure made him brave and suggests that not being afraid is part of the secret to his success. He talks about expanding his horizons through podcasts and how it was the unlikely catalyst for creating a successful enterprise. He also gives advice to those thinking about a foray into podcasting as part of their business marketing strategy.

In his unique, understated style Ronsley also opens up about what happens when a business goes wrong and what to do to bounce back. He talks about his definition of success and how it’s naive to project perfection to fellow entrepreneurs. So, plug in and enjoy this refreshingly honest and insightful episode.

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • The business lessons Ronsley learned from failure.
  • The importance of developing your mindset before your skillset.
  • The fear of failure and what to do when business goes wrong.
  • How Ronsley uses his agency to give back to ‘A Voice for a Voice’.
  • How you will know if it’s the right time to start a podcast.
  • How every entrepreneur battles with Imposter syndrome and how to overcome it.
  • The difference between making an impact and giving.
  • Why being brave is the key to success in business.


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