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Joanna Oakey on Changing Industry Perceptions, Playing A Bigger Game, & Making An Impact

Joanna Oakey on Changing Industry Perceptions, Playing A Bigger Game, & Making An Impact

Joanna Oakey is the woman behind Aspect Legal, a boutique specialist commercial law team dedicated to helping protect business owners as they grow. Joanna is focused on changing the negative perceptions around her industry and what she perceives as a tradition of avoiding lawyers in business.

One of the ways she hopes to do this is through her innate sense of giving back to the community and encouraging clients to get involved in giving back. Aspect Legal has already contributed more than 50,000 giving impacts despite a partnership with B1G1 that is still in its infancy.

Having built a loyal client base with shared principles, Joanna plans to expand the opportunities for clients to contribute to the ‘business for good’ community. She credits her parents for her philanthropic nature and wants these principles to resonate with both her team and her clients.

In this episode, Joanna chats about the projects that have inspired her and how she’s built a process and designed systems to achieve her business goals, while also understanding that it is key to take time to focus on yourself. She talks about how an existential crisis inspired her to get involved with B1G1 and the bigger impact she feels she’s making by helping people do more of what they love.

Joanna challenges listeners to play a bigger game and goes in-depth about the questions you should be asking about your businesses role as a change maker. This motivational episode is full of insightful advice and inspirational tips for giving back. Enjoy!

What You Will Discover in This Episode:


  • How having a great team who learn together leads to success.
  • The importance of building business systems that encourage a work-life balance.
  • Joanna’s entrepreneurial secrets and principles, including cultural integration.
  • Common misconceptions about team management.
  • The stages of being a business owner and how to progress through each stage.
  • How to harness the power of giving while developing a successful business.
  • Why encouraging other businesses to be a giving for good enterprise is rewarding.
  • The importance of breaking moulds in your industry and spreading your message.
  • Why it’s all about publishing content and being in it for the long haul.



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