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Stella Concha on Elevating Human Potential, Living in the Present, and the Power of Shifting Charitable Giving to the Shop Floor

Stella Concha is the CEO of Reo Group, a financial recruitment company whose mission is to elevate human potential. Stella is wonderfully unique, and this episode is worth listening to just to hear about her approach to living in the present moment and following her purpose.

Stella remembers playing doctor as a 5-year-old and knowing at that moment that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others. One medical degree later, Stella realised that medicine wasn’t for her. If she wanted to live her purpose, she would have to make the courageous decision to give up on medicine.

Fast forward to today, and Stella is the CEO of a financial recruitment company. At first, medicine and financial recruitment seem like worlds apart, but as Stella explains, they both share striking similarities. She reveals that 76% of children in rural Australia don’t have access to a school, and how Reo Group is giving days of technology education to help bridge the gap.

We talk about that incredible video that she created, and how B1G1’s technology has helped move charitable giving to the shop floor. Stella goes in-depth on the impact becoming a B1G1 partner has had on her business, and how connecting team outcomes with giving is helping to encourage positive behaviour. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.


What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • The reason why Stella doesn’t set goals.
  • Why Stella made the difficult decision to walk away from her career in medicine.
  • The surprising similarities between medicine and financial recruitment.
  • The shocking statistic that 76% of children in rural Australia don’t have access to a school, and how Reo Group is helping to change it.
  • Why education is close to Reo Group’s heart.
  • The incredible work that Dot Com Mob are doing in rural Australia.
  • How B1G1’s technology has empowered her team and allowed them to make a difference every day.
  • How shifting giving to employee outcomes encourages positive behaviour and boosts morale.


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