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Petar Lackovic on the Secrets to Selling & The Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Petar Lackovic on the Secrets to Selling & The Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Petar Lackovic is a master salesman. He is the Director of Sales and Entrepreneur Development at The Entourage and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve life-changing results in their business.

Petar has always had a talent for sales. He landed his first sales job at a gym, and within two weeks he was promoted to Sales Manager on the back of his outstanding results. Another two and a half weeks later, he was promoted again and found himself managing his first business. In this role, he helped systemise the business and achieved exponential growth, expanding to 15 gyms in the same time it took to reach 4.

In this episode, Petar reveals the secrets to selling, including what language to use and how to frame the conversation so you’re delivering value instead of making a sale. He goes in depth about how you should focus on thoughts and feelings, not on what you want the customer to do.

Petar also talks about the bigger impact he’s making - helping people do more of what they love. He challenges listeners to play a bigger game, pointing out that the person you are today shouldn’t be able to achieve the goals you set for tomorrow. He goes in-depth on the 4 phases of entrepreneurship and the 6 key functions of every business. This unmissable episode of jam-packed full of value. Enjoy!

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • The business lessons Petar learned working in his family’s deli.
  • How Petar negotiated his way into University after failing Year 12 twice.
  • The importance of developing your mindset before your skillset.
  • Petar sharing his sales secrets and principles, including what language you should use.
  • Common misconceptions on management.
  • The 4 stages of being a business owner and how to progress through each stage.
  • Why you should be playing a bigger game.
  • How knowing your numbers and having a scoreboard can transform your business.



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