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18-Year-Old CEO Taj Pabari on Educating The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Taj Pabari is eighteen-years-old and just finished high school, yet his passion for young people, business and entrepreneurship has led him to a level of influence well beyond his year. He is the Founder & CEO of Fiftysix Creations, Australasia’s largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider.

Taj joins me on today’s episode to talk all things life and entrepreneurship, showing the wisdom of a 40-year-old man and sharing his vision for the future. Taj admits that he never liked school work. He wasn’t interested in the traditional pathway that school had to offer. Instead, he experimented with technology and spent most of his time looking forward to activities outside of school.

Taj’s exposure to technology at a very young age led him to start his own blog at the age of 11. Just 3 years later, at the age of 14, Taj founded Fiftysix Creations, with the mission to educate 100,000 Australian students about business and entrepreneurship by 2020.

Taj created his business on the back of his belief that children need to have an alternate way of learning. He recognised that as we enter the workforce of the future, the skills that will be useful are soft skills and people skills. Today, we're privileged to have him share it all with us on the podcast.

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • How Taj went from being a tech blogger to a startup entrepreneur.
  • The process behind the Fiftysix DIY tablet kit.
  • How Taj balances being the CEO of his company and a high school student.
  • Taj on the importance of preparing our children for the jobs of the future.
  • The one skill that will never be replaced by machines.
  • The driving factor behind Taj wanting to help kids find their inner entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Taj sharing his mission and vision of giving underprivileged children access to world-class quality of education.
  • How to energise your team.


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