What The Plot Twist Of 2020 Really Taught Us

What The Plot Twist Of 2020 Really Taught Us


I was recently invited to jump on the @EmployeeMatters Podcast hosted by HR Guru @NatashaHawker and we spoke about the positive outcomes from COVID.

Natasha Hawker: What has been a positive outcome from COVID for you either professionally, personally, or from a society point of view?


Ben: Professionally (and maybe even in my own profession), I think it's really shown the strength that the accounting profession has had to assist business owners - and that's also been really, really good for business in a sense. We've never brought on so many clients in this year than we have probably in the last two before that. So, I guess that the market has responded to our help, which has been very, very good. 


From a personal perspective, we're having a baby. That's been awesome, and i was saying this the other day; we thought 2020 was the year that we're going to get everything we wanted, but it was the year that we appreciated everything that we have.


Natasha Hawker: Oh, that's brilliant! I love that, and I think that's a really appropriate way to think about it. I think it's really easy to get stuck in the doom and gloom but I think that a lot of us have taken different things away from this and experiences that we would have never ordinarily had had it not been for COVID.