"I Can I Will" - Interview with Conan Visser

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Hi Entrepreneurs Jessica Kate here, Editor of Entrepreneurs of Brisbane (EOB) and Community Manager at Inspire CA.

Introducing Conan Visser from 'I Can I Will':

We have been educated to find mentors with ‘been there done that’ experience and follow their example. But you just can’t do that anymore! The way we do business now is so different to 10 years ago, trends can drastically change in the matter of months. So my advice is: Trust your intuition, remain critically aware of your journey, have a strategic planning session once a month and keep pushing forward whilst always sticking to our core values. The right people will draw to you sooner than you think.

Every decision we make now, takes into consideration our short (1-4 weeks), medium (6 - 12 months) and long term (3 - 8 years) goals, if all aren't met, we don't approve the decision. This philosophy in decision making changed everything for us.

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What’s your advice for a small business who is looking to make a big impact?

Having an awareness of the end goal is crucial. I think it is important to exercise awareness and intuition. Because with this skill comes everything else. For example, you can draw the right people to your business if you trust in your intuition and remain critically aware of your journey.


A successful business leader requires commitment and strong belief in their cause. While unsure leadership can create a problematic work culture. For example, when I began I was always selling myself short because I wasn’t used to selling the charity, my frame of mind let people in easily and they continued to let us down. Now, we don’t even ’sell’, we put opportunities out to the world and the right people make offers, then we decide who shares the same core values and only do business with them, regardless of the offer. A lot of people sell themselves short in the first few years because they lack confidence in their brand power because of a ‘start-up' mentality.

What’s your business / life mantra?

One major thing that I have learned is to always follow the 80/20 rule; eighty percent of every decision we make is influenced by where we need to be in 5 years. The other 20 is based on what is going to be beneficial in the next three to six months.


What has worked for you in doing partnerships / collaborations?

Find like-minded people who are invested in a similar vision to you and join forces with them. Jumping into the deep end means you will know more about the challenges within your industry. You will also be less likely to make the same mistakes.  

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What drives you?

We are not just driven by making money. When you are driven, stressed or concerned by money, you have a “money created emotion”. So, if you are driven by emotion you make irrational decisions.


Conan Visser